Tips for Caring for Your Pet Rabbit

You will soon realize that you have made a great decision to become the owner of a pet rabbit. You will also need to be aware that there are some important steps that need to be followed for caring for your new addition to your family.

A Home for Your Rabbit

Although your new rabbit will be living in your home, he also needs his own home within this environment. This means he will need a hutch. The size is going to be very important. The rabbit should be able to hop forward at least four times. If the hutch is going to be kept outdoors it must be placed where the bunny can get enough shade and be protected from the harsh elements like wind and rain. One tip to cut down on the cleaning of the hutch is to put a kitty litter tray in it. Use paper based cat litter to line it with then put some hay on top of this. In most cases this is where your rabbit will go to the toilet.

The Proper Food

You will find it easy to feed your rabbit but they need a selection of foods. They need hay, as well as some commercial rabbit pellets and a selection of vegetables to keep them happy and healthy. You will control the amount of pellets and veggies you give him or her, but always make sure they have plenty of hay.

Rabbit Exercise

Provided the hutch is big enough the rabbit should get some good exercise with its movements. On occasion you may want to let him roam about the house but make sure you remove any danger as they like to chew on almost anything.


How much grooming you will have to do will depend on the rabbit breed you have. Angora rabbits for example require more brushing and cleaning compared to some of the other breeds.

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