The Business of Breeding Rabbits

If you have decided that you are going to enter into the business of breeding rabbits then there are two important things to consider. One is that you have plenty of room, and the other is that you stay organized.

Rabbit raising can be done almost in any region provided you have the proper facilities. A barn or shed would be ideal for this type of activity. Many breeders don’t use hutches to house the rabbits within this facility. They will partition it off into section. Although using hutches is not uncommon either. The floor should be dirt as it is easier to clean and absorbs the urine.

You don’t need a lot of bucks (the males) as a few can accommodate the does (the females) quite readily. The type of breeding business that we are focusing on here is for domestic pet use. This means that you really don’t need a large stock.

It is highly important that you educate yourself as to proper and responsible breeding procedures. Having excess rabbits can be a big problem, so only breed enough that the pet market that you are able to service creates a demand for.

Breeding of the females should only begin when they have reached their maturity. When this is will depend on your breed of rabbits.

Once the babies (kits) are born then when they become about ten weeks old you will need to wean them from their mom. This means you will need extra hutches to house them in. Each of the babies should have their own hutch to ensure they are kept healthy and happy.

Make sure that you are only breeding healthy mates to ensure that their health is preserved and that of their babies. Again, be responsible and don’t over breed. In most cases there isn’t big money in breeding rabbits as pets but it can be rewarding in other ways.

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