Showing your Rabbit

Being a rabbit owner can be very rewarding as they are a wonderful pet to own. Like with other pets some owners are so enthusiastic they want to show their pets. There is a show circuit for pets and if you believe that your rabbit is of show quality then this is something you may want to get involved in.

In the UK there are several organizations and rabbit show events that are available for rabbit showing. To get started you first need to determine what criteria each show sets to allow you and the rabbit to participate. In most cases you will be required to have a purebred rabbit so you may need to provide proof of who their parents were.

Most likely you will start out in your local area if there are rabbit shows available. You may soon find that you are so successful at placing with your rabbit that you soon desire to do a bit of travelling to attend other show circuits. If so then you must make sure that you pack all of your necessary items, and that you transport your rabbit in a safe and comfortable manner. Once you have been on the show circuit for awhile this part will be much easier for you.

Grooming is always going to be a top priority before you enter any show. Make sure you know what this takes for your particular rabbit breed. Also, make sure that your pet is used to this as you don’t want to traumatize him with too many new things.

Make sure you have full knowledge of the classes you will be entering. Some will be for breeds and specific colours, or age. Before you really get into showing your rabbit you may want to really familiarize yourself with the show setting by attending several shows so you can get the feel for it.

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