Popular Rabbit Species

It is often not realized that there are many different species of rabbits. Most just assume that they are all of one breed and are only different in their color. In fact, there are different breeds of rabbits found throughout different countries. Some of the common ones are…

Brown rabbit on a white wooden table. Beauty shoot. Castor Rex.

This rabbit is a smaller version of the Rex and is noted for its extremely soft downy fur. This particular species is found in different colors such as grey or white and sometimes brown. Sometimes they are one solid colour then others are a mix of blotched colours.

Lionhead Rabbit

When it comes to being a fur ball this best describes the Lionhead Rabbit. They are tiny in size but they long soft fur makes up for their small stature. They resemble a lion with their mane that circles their face, and sometimes they can have a double mane.

English Lop

One of the distinctive characteristics that rabbits are noted for is their ears. One that stands out in this area is the English Lop. It’s ears are notably long and flop freely at its sides.This breed of rabbit is known to be one of the oldest.

Dutch Rabbit

When you conjure up a picture of a rabbit in your mind it would prbably be one that looks very similar to the Dutch Rabbit.This is the breed that is often seen in rabbit shows and believed to have originated in Holland.

Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits

Some rabbits can grow to be pretty big, so if you want to be sure that you are getting one that is going to be of a manageable size then you will want to consider the Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits. They usually weight around two pounds and they are definitely adorable.

These are just five of many wonderful rabbit species. Which one you choose to bring home and make as your pet will depend on the availability of them in your area as well as your preference.

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