Betting on the Rabbits

Rabbit racing is not just a myth but was actually used in a huge promotional event back in 2015. Ten rabbits were entered into a rabbit race. Each rabbit was assigned a number between one to ten. Then shoppers would shop at a specific store and the last digit on their invoice was used as their potential winning number for the rabbit race. If the shopper held the winning number then the prize was a 50% voucher that could be applied to their purchase. This was such a popular event that it was classed as the first live sports event being streamed on the promotion website, banners as well as TV and YouTube.

There is another form of racing where the rabbit should have been the star but most often wasn’t. The rabbit in this case was a highly charged speedy horse that would entice those horses in the race that are running slow to run faster and harder.

For those that are into the gaming scene and love to bet then this excitement is enhanced with casino streaming that not only caters to the horse races but can be used in many of the live casino options now available.

Other types of betting on the rabbits would be when one is playing one of the rabbit themed slots. There are plenty of them out there and one of the favorites is Lucky Rabbit’s Loot. This is just another form of betting on the rabbits.

All three of these circumstance put the rabbit as the star but all too often they are overlooked for their importance in the rolls that they play in the betting arena. Yet the developers of casino software have recognized that characterizing the rabbit in many of their slot games is a big attraction, and even if the rabbits aren’t racing there is still a chance of some good wins.

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