Beloved Rabbit Characters

Almost everyone would have to admit that when it comes to characterization that the rabbit makes for a wonderful model. This has been aptly proven over the years with the many different types of literature, games and slot games that have used this beautiful animal as their iconic character.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

It is no wonder that so many domestic rabbit owners tend to name their pet rabbits Peter. Most likely as a result of the classic children’s story book “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, written by Beatrix Potter in 1901.

Alice in Wonderland’s Iconic White Rabbit

While Alice may have been the star in Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll who wrote the book did the story justice by creating the white rabbit as the time keeper who tried so valiantly to keep Alice on track as she went down the rabbit hole.

While these are just a few examples of literature that became so popular with the rabbit theme, the rabbit has also made its mark in game playing. There are many of these that can be found online such as Rabbit’s Magic Adventures, Rainbow Rabbit and Bugs Bunny Biking, to name just a few.

It isn’t just the kids that like the rabbit theme either. This is such a popular character that several casino games are available based on this theme. To enjoy some of these check out to see if there is a Casino bonus being offered to give you some free cash to play with. Here are just a few that you may want to try your luck on….

  • Rabbit in the Hat
  • Wonky Wabbits Slot Rabbit
  • Bunny’s Rabbits Slot

All of these slots are varied but are most enjoyable. As an example, Rabbit in the Hat was produced by a very well known gaming software provider which is Microgaming.

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