There are not too many people who don’t find rabbits to be adorable. There are so many different species and so much to learn about them, that a site like this really does help to bring some of the attention they deserve into the public light.

Hopefully the information that you are going to find here is going to most interesting to you. The posts attempt to broaden your thinking about these furry creatures and the different impacts they can have on society.

Think about how often rabbits become the center of attention in the books we read, cartoons that children watch and in the other ways they are depicted as icons or mascots. One of the posts found here on this site touches upon this with a few examples.

The rabbit comes to life in many different applications and a good example of this is in the gaming industry. Those who are responsible for providing the graphics in this industry often will use the rabbit as their main character and there are some good examples here in some of the posts as to how this has taken place.

There is also some information on some of the common breeds and some tips on how to choose the best rabbit to become your new pet. For those that are interested in rabbit breeding there is some introductory information here that may answer some basic questions.

Of course this site would be lacking if it didn’t provide some basic information on how to care for your rabbit. There are some starter tips to get you going.