Rabbit Willow Chew Sticks and Balls

Rabbits love to chew willow sticks, so leaving a few of these around the house gives your rabbit something to chew instead of furniture and wires. There are several other rabbit toys available made from willow too.

I recently found this Happy Pet Willow Value Pack containing two bundles of willow sticks and two willow balls, which is good value for a mix of willow toys for your rabbit.

Rabbit Willow Sticks and Willow Balls

Rabbit Willow Sticks and Willow Balls

There are lots of rabbit willow toys available in different shapes and sizes, which your rabbits will love to play with and chew on. This Happy Pet Willow Tube is big enough for small rabbits to run through, but bigger rabbits will love to play with and chew it too.

Rabbit WIllow Tunnel

Rabbit Willow Tunnel

Or how about this Willow Carrot instead?

Rabbit WIllow Carrot

Rabbit Willow Carrot

A selection of willow toys left around the house will make your rabbit happy as well as saving your furniture from being chewed by your rabbit!

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