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Rabbits make great pets; they are fun, playful, gentle, loving and very clean. Pet rabbits can be kept in hutches outside, or they can be kept indoors as house rabbits. Rabbits are ideal house pets because they enjoy company, are naturally clean and can be house trained.

Whether you are an experienced pet rabbit or house rabbit owner or new to the world of bunnies, there is something here for you.

Barney and Jemima’s House Rabbit Website is about everything to do with pet rabbits, and house rabbits in particular. From learning how to accomodate, look after and feed your pet rabbit, to training and even understanding how rabbits communicate, everything is covered here!

Remember, you will need to commit time every day to looking after, grooming, stroking and playing with your pet rabbit, but the effort is worth it for the enjoyment you get in return.

House Rabbit Lying Down

Barney the House Rabbit

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